Design Resources

The RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon) is widely used for improving safety and accessibility at crosswalks.  Applications include crosswalks at uncontrolled intersections (where only the minor legs of the intersection have stop signs), midblock crosswalks, school crossings, trail crossings, and cycling corridors.  Street improvement projects and safe routes to school improvements often include RRFBs.

For a typical 2-4 lane, two-way roadway, RRFB units are mounted on either side of the crosswalk.  Each unit has dual Lightbars mounted back-to-back, so that from each approach to the crosswalk the driver sees lights on both the left and right side of the roadway.  This design frames the crosswalk.  The ability to use either dual back-to-back lightbars or a single lightbar provides versatility when median islands or pedestrian refuge islands are incorporated.  RRFB lightbars can also be mounted to overhead mast arms or in advance of the crosswalk.

kids safely crossing the street thanks to RRFB