Altitude Signal: Availed Technologies’ Trusted Distributor Partner

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Altitude Signal LLC, a distributor of advanced traffic signal and ITS products and trusted Availed Technologies partner, to discuss the rapidly growing RRFB industry.

Altitude Signal has been at the forefront of helping public agencies deploy next-generation intelligent transportation systems across the Mountain West region. Their focus on partnering with companies driving industry advancements allows them to deliver cutting-edge ITS solutions to signal shops and engineering departments.

In this Q&A, we’ll delve into Altitude Signal’s insights on the recent advancements in RRFB technology, and their experiences with the AV-400 RRFB.


Q: Can you tell us about Altitude Signal and how it has established itself as a trusted partner in the traffic control industry?

A: Altitude Signal is a local distributor of ITS products based out of offices in Nevada and Colorado. Altitude was founded in 2018 by Alec Meyerhoff, a second-generation traffic signal specialist who had grown up around the industry his whole childhood. After the company’s founding, Alec hired some of the most trusted professionals in our industry and together our team has grown Altitude into one of the top ITS distributors in the western US.

Providing excellent product support was one of Altitude Signal’s founding principles. We regularly provide onsite installation assistance when our products are being deployed and we stand behind products through the life of the systems. In addition to having a signal technician dedicated to field service calls, every one of Altitude’s sales professionals is IMSA Level 2 Field-certified and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. Our customers have found the level of support our team provides to be unparalleled, which has made us a trusted partner for public agencies around our region.

Dedicated to a great customer experience, we stay local to our favorite place: the Mountain West. From the Sierras to the Rockies, we live, work, and play in the mountains, keeping our operations specialized to Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

Q: Can you tell us about the products that Altitude Signal represents?

A:  A large part of Altitude’s recent success continues to be because of our partnerships with some of the best product manufacturers in the industry. By partnering with companies that continue to increase functionality, simplicity, and reliability, our organization has been able to grow substantially in recent years.

Along with Availed Technologies, Altitude also partners with leading brands such as GRIDSMART detection systems; Trafficware cabinets controllers and software systems; and EtherWAN networking equipment.

Q: How has the RRFB industry changed in recent years?

A: Dramatic improvements in solar efficiency have lowered costs for solar systems making solar the de-facto standard for pedestrian warning systems.

Altitude Signal is proud to represent Availed Technologies as they recognized these changes early on and specialized in providing a simple solar-powered RRFB system which is the most energy-efficient and easiest-to-install on the market.

Q: Where do you see the industry going in the coming years?

A: The effectiveness and relative low cost of solar RRFB systems have allowed agencies to improve upon their vision-zero goals. By seeing the success of cities going “all-in” on RRFBs, we expect federal, state and local funding of ped safety to continue increasing.

Additionally, we see public demand continuing to increase – as more RRFBs are installed, walkers, runners, and cyclists have come to expect warning systems at midblock crossings and increasingly at roundabouts. We believe that expectations of non-motorized road users will continue to encourage public officials to increase RRFB deployments.

This mass deployment of RRFBs has been very beneficial to industry as well as to the public as roadways become more pedestrian-friendly. We expect this to continue, if not escalate further in the coming years.

Q: What changes are you seeing in the use of RRFBs?

A: The mass adoption of solar-powered RRFB systems has been remarkable and the demand curve seems to still be increasing. The City of Westminster, Colorado recently ordered 20+ Availed RRFB systems and are currently in the middle of installation. Many agencies and contractors in the Denver metro have been impressed with the Availed RRFB-400’s power efficiency and ease of installation and our growth has been remarkable.

Our whole team at Altitude is very proud to have Availed Technologies as a partner and look forward to continued use of their product in all our states.


To sum up, Altitude Signal is a strategic ally and knowledgeable distributor partner for Availed Technologies. Their unwavering commitment to customer service and expert field support makes them an indispensable asset for traffic agencies in the Mountain West region.

As the prevalence of RRFBs continues to grow in the industry, Altitude Signal, backed by Availed’s cutting-edge tools and expertise, is exceptionally well-prepared to cater to the rising demand for pedestrian safety solutions.

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