Availed AV-400 RRFB Now Approved for Use in Georgia Transportation Projects

We are thrilled to announce that the Availed AV-400 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon has been listed as a qualified product on the Georgia Department of Transportation (Georgia DOT) Qualified Products List (QPL 48) for Traffic Signal & ITS Equipment. This is a major achievement, and we are excited to share this news with our customers and partners.


What is a QPL and Why is it Important?

QPL stands for Qualified Products List. It is a list of products that have been evaluated and approved by a particular agency or organization for use in a specific project or application. 


The purpose of the QPL is to ensure that only high-quality products that meet certain performance and safety standards are used for a particular project, and to streamline the procurement process by pre-qualifying products that meet the required specifications. 


In the context of transportation projects, QPLs are commonly used by government agencies to identify and pre-approve products that can be used for road construction, maintenance, and other related projects. This is particularly important for electronic  traffic signal and ITS equipment projects, where safety and reliability are critical factors.


Overview of the Georgia DOT Product Approval System

The Georgia Department of Transportation (Georgia DOT) has established a comprehensive approval system to ensure that products used in transportation projects meet the required performance and safety standards. This system includes the Qualified Products List (QPL), which is a list of products that have been evaluated and approved for use in transportation projects in the state of Georgia.


To be included on the Georgia DOT QPL, products must go through a rigorous evaluation process that includes testing, review, and approval by the Georgia DOT’s Office of Materials and Research. The evaluation process is designed to ensure that the products meet the required specifications and standards for use in transportation projects, including safety, durability, and performance.


Once a product is approved and included on the Georgia DOT QPL, it is considered pre-approved for use in transportation projects in the state of Georgia. This means that contractors do not need to go through a separate approval process for each project, saving time and effort. The QPL serves as a reference guide for Georgia DOT staff and contractors when selecting products for transportation projects.


The Georgia DOT approval system is a crucial component of ensuring the quality and safety of transportation projects in the state. By pre-approving products through the QPL, the Georgia DOT can ensure that only the best and most effective products are used in its projects. This helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of transportation projects, while also enhancing safety for motorists, pedestrians, and other road users.


Temple Inc., Our Trusted Distributor Partner in Georgia

We’re proud to partner with Temple Inc., a leading distributor of traffic safety products in Georgia, to bring the Availed AV-400 RRFB to transportation projects in the state. 


With over 60 years of experience, Temple Inc. has built a reputation for delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service to transportation agencies, municipalities, and contractors throughout Georgia. Their team of knowledgeable professionals provides expert guidance and support to help customers find the right products to meet their needs. 


Benefits of Using the Availed AV-400 RRFB

The Availed AV-400 RRFB is an innovative product that enhances pedestrian safety at uncontrolled marked crosswalks. Rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB) provide a high-intensity flashing light to alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians at the crosswalk. 


RRFBs have been proven to increase motorist yielding rates up to:

98% and to reduce pedestrian crashes by up to 47%. The AV-400 is also durable, easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution for crosswalk improvement projects.


The Availed Technologies Difference

At Availed, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, innovative products that enhance safety and improve transportation infrastructure. The inclusion of the Availed AV-400 on the Georgia DOT QPL is a testament to the quality and reliability of our product, and we are proud to offer it to our customers. 


We look forward to continuing to work with our partners in the transportation industry to enhance safety and improve transportation infrastructure across the state of Georgia.


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