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Availed Technologies Has Been Approved by Oregon DOT

We are happy to announce that the Availed AV-400 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon is now listed as a qualified product on the Oregon DOT Green Sheets. What is the Green Sheet Qualification Process? Maintained by the Traffic-Roadway Section of the Oregon Department of Transportation, the Green Sheet Qualification process has a comprehensive evaluation process for […]

Availed Technologies – Now on the BC Recognized Products List

Here at Availed Technologies, we’re proud to announce that our AV-400 RRFB has been approved by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOT) and is officially on their Recognized Products list. Today’s blog outlines all you need to know: What is the BC Recognized Products List? The BC Recognized Products List is a […]

MassDOT RRFB Approval Announcement

At Availed Technologies, we’re thrilled to announce that the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (Highway Division, Qualified Traffic Control) has experimentally approved our AV-400 Solar RRFB. Learn more about the importance of this approval today: The Impact of the AV-400 Solar RRFB RRFBs play a crucial role in pedestrian crash countermeasures, and our AV-400 Solar RRFB […]

RRFBs in the Next MUTCD

RRFBs were first introduced under an interim approval with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in 2008.  Since that time, and due to the high effectiveness of the device, the use of  RRFBs as a crosswalk enhancement has become widespread. Today, we here at Availed Technologies are going to outline RRFBs proposed role in the next […]

The Importance of Versatility and Standardization in RRFBs

Have you heard about the importance of versatility and standardization in RRFBs? In today’s blog, the Availed Technologies team outline why this is so crucial, its many benefits, and a real-life example of versatility and standardization done right. Let’s dive in. What Are RRFBs? RRFBs are a unique traffic control device designed specifically to improve […]

What to Know About the Power of Solar RRFB Systems

How much do you know about the power of solar RRFB systems? In today’s blog, the team here at Availed Technologies outline common FAQs surrounding solar-powered RRFB systems: namely what the common array-to-load (ALR) variables are and what to keep in mind when maximizing power consumption. Firstly, What Makes the ALR so Crucial? The fundamentals […]